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Welcome to DA NANG!

There’s a lot to consider when looking for a place to call your own in Vietnam:

How’s the location?
Will I be comfortable?
Will I be able to work?
Will I get an authentic experience?

Many years of experience with travelers and tourists from Vietnam and all parts of the world have inspired us to create the most ideal, comfortable space that you’re excited to come home to.

TUYET PHI | HOSTEL | Da Nang, Viet Nam | 113 Le Ðinh Ly, and K95/15 Le Ðinh Ly

Suitable for 1, or up to 4 people, whether passing through or staying long-term, this is your own quiet place to nestle in away from the city noise. The practical, homey rooms boast soft, welcoming beds, personal wardrobe, flat-screen TV, hot shower, desk, kitchenette option, high-speed high-speed WIFI and full-power air-conditioner to get through the tropical Da Nang summer.

Each floor is also fixed with a washing machine available to use at any time, either on your own or as a service from us.

We offer plenty of options to accommodate every type of guest::

  • - Homestay Long-term for 1-4 persons
  • - Hotel rooms for 1-6 persons
  • - Office Space Rental
  • - Classroom Rental
TUYET PHI | HOSTEL | Room Options
TUYET PHI | HOSTEL | Room Options


Prices in VN Dong Single/ Double Night Month
1st Floor      
P101 D 250.000 4.000.000
P102 4 (-6) pax DD 500.000 6.000.000
2nd Floor      
Class Rooms   250.000 /hr
3rd Floor      
P301 S 250.000 4.000.000
P302 S 250.000 4.000.000
P303 S 250.000 4.000.000
P304 D 350.000 5.000.000
P305 D 350.000 5.000.000
4th Floor      
P401 S 250.000 4.000.000
P402 S 250.000 4.000.000
P403 S 250.000 4.000.000
P404 D 350.000 5.000.000
P405 D 350.000 5.000.000
5th Floor      
P501 S 250.000 4.000.000
P502 S 250.000 4.000.000
P503 D 350.000 5.000.000
P504 D 350.000 5.000.000
P505 D 350.000 5.000.000
6th Floor      
P601 4 (-6) pax DD 500.000 6.000.000


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